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Vinsys IT Services – Autodesk Education Partner and Channel Partner for developing ATCs across India, Middle East, Africa, and SAARC region.

Vinsys IT services (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized Distributor and Fulfillment partner of ATCs (Autodesk Authorized Training Centers) and ACCs (Autodesk Authorized Certification Centers).

We play a vital role in smoothly connecting Autodesk training certification centers and Autodesk. We drive Autodesk Education program in India, SAARC countries, Middle East, and Africa through our channel partners (ATC/ACC’s)

To maximize the benefits of our association with our ATCs and ACCs we believe in recognizing and treating all our partners as an integral part of our team. ATCs/ACCs play a major role in Autodesk’s certification and training efforts. They are our business partners and our clients.

We have a mutually beneficial, professional association with all our ATCs and ACCs as we would with our clients and build relationships with them. Our goal is training and development that results in customer delight and all our ATCs and ACCs are our customers and partners and in that context we strive for their customer delight through all our efforts towards supporting them with their certification, training, and development goals.

Benefits of Becoming an Autodesk ATC

Your benefits of becoming an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC):

  • Alignment with an industry leader: ATC Partners can take advantage of the Autodesk brand equity. Using the Autodesk completion certificates, site certificates and marketing/branding such as email, web banners, signage and posters, means you can capitalize on the power of the Autodesk brand to help maximize your credibility and value.
  • Autodesk Certification: ATC Partners can take advantage of the increasing demand for certification by increasing their status to Autodesk Certification Center (ACC). Autodesk exams are available worldwide, attract new customers interested in validating their skills by earning certifications, and create a customized learning path to help them achieve their goals while growing your training business. Combining training and certification ensures that you provide a total solution to your customers.
  • Autodesk online evaluation system: ATC Partner managers can get customer feedback and fuel marketing efforts by utilizing the Autodesk online evaluation system. Capture customer opinions about your training facility and classes and publicize high scores to attract new business. You can also better understand your customers’ future training needs, helping you get the most from your marketing.
  • Customizable marketing templates: Establish and reinforce that you are an Autodesk ATC Partner with branded templates. Download templates and copy blocks designed to help you deliver an integrated marketing campaign or event.
  • Technical product training and support: As an ATC Partner, you can attend many technical training events for the newest Autodesk software releases. In addition, you have access to Autodesk product support specialists to assist with installation and licensing problems.
  • Discounts: Autodesk works with suppliers to offer ATC Program participant discounts on Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG), hardware and events.
  • Training licenses: Get the most recent training software updates. ATC Partner sites receive training licenses with unique serial numbers. ATC Partner sites also gain access to the most up-to-date software.
  • Beta licenses: With access to beta software ATC Partner sites know about future releases long before the competition, so you can better prepare instructors for future releases.
  • Visibility for your business: Autodesk is promoting the ATC Program throughout web properties, customer-facing events, and campaigns. ATC locations take advantage of this traffic by listing accurate information and promoting up-to-date courses and events.
  • Collaborative marketing efforts: ATC Partners can participate in special events and promotions such as certification events, campaigns, seminars and the Autodesk University global event in US. ATC Partners can also benefit from direct end user/corporate marketing and public relations campaigns which help promote business for the ATC Partner Channel

Please fill-in the enquiry form to register your interest in becoming an Autodesk ATC in India, SAARC, Middle East, or Africa.

Download Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (ATC) Application Forms from the link below to initiate the process of becoming an Autodesk ATC.

Please fill-in the forms and e-mail the completed Autodesk ATC Application forms to the below stakeholders to take the process ahead. Thank you.

- Middle East and Africa: Email:
- India and SAARC: Email:

Connect with our Autodesk ATC Program Team

Connect with your Vinsys Autodesk ATC/ACC Program Team

India and SAARC: Email:
Middle East and Africa: Email:

Sadanand Vazalwar, Business Director,
Autodesk Education Partner Program
Cell Phone: +91-9881199838

Satish Kumar, Business Director,
Autodesk Education Partner Program
Cell phone: +971-56-601-7870

Nitin Balyan, Partner Program Manager,
Autodesk Education Partner Program
Cell Phone: +91-9689184980

Rishabh Tondon, Business Head (India – SAARC)
Autodesk Education Partner Program
Cell Phone: +91-8447977758

Please fill-in the enquiry form to register your interest in joining us as an Autodesk ATC / ACC.

Autodesk Certification and Training

Vinsys IT Services provides Autodesk certification training through its Authorized Training Partner Channel in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East, and Africa. Improve your career growth and increase your chances of success and progress in your career as an Autodesk certified professional with an Autodesk certification.

We provide Autodesk certification training through our ATC channel partners, conduct Autodesk certification workshops through our ATC channel partners, and accept enquiries from companies and individuals interested in becoming an Autodesk Authorized Training Center in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East, and Africa.

Please fill-in the enquiry form to know more about our Autodesk certification training services or to become an Autodesk Authorized Training Center in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East, or Africa.

Our Autodesk Education initiatives are spread across education, certification, training, and new ATC on-boarding.

Vinsys IT Services manages the Autodesk Authorized Training Center Partner channel for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East, and Africa. We are an Autodesk Authorized Distributor of Autodesk ATC Programs for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East, and Africa.

Please contact us for Autodesk certification, training, ATC requirement in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East, and Africa.

Advantages of an Autodesk Certification

Advantages of an Autodesk® Certification:

  • Take your career to greater heights with an Autodesk Certification
  • Gain an industry-recognized credential that validates your skill and knowledge of using Autodesk software
  • Organizations are looking for professionally qualified Autodesk® professionals that help them get new projects and gain industry recognition
  • Become an Autodesk certified professional and open new avenues for professional growth
  • Expand the scope of your career and the make the world your marketplace with an Autodesk certification that opens international opportunities
  • Get an Autodesk certification to showcase your capability to current and potential employers and get a headstart as compared to your peers and co-workers when pitching for a lucrative assignment. More often than not, an internationally accredited and globally recognized professional will get precedence over a competitor without those credentials.
  • An Autodesk certification is a gateway to succeed in your career and explore new avenues through global recognition.
  • Prepare for an internationally accepted certification that puts you a notch higher than your peers in a competitive marketplace
  • Access and use the Autodesk Certified logo as an Autodesk credential holder
  • Display your Autodesk Certified certificate
  • List your name in the Autodesk Certified Professionals database
  • Increase your profile in a competitive job market with an industry-leading certification
  • An Autodesk certification is ideal for students and professionals
  • Students can achieve an international certification that gets them more calls and interviews when they are seeking job opportunities without work experience
  • Professionals can get a wider audience and get a larger canvas to showcase their skills all over the world with an Autodesk® certification
  • Find an Autodesk certification training center near you and prepare for an Autodesk certification now!

Please fill-in the enquiry form to know more about our Autodesk certification training services.

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ATC Enquiry Form

Please fill-in the enquiry form to register your interest in becoming an Autodesk Authorized Training Center / Autodesk Authorized Certification Center in India, SAARC countries, Middle East, or Africa.

Our Autodesk Education Partner Manager will contact you within one business day.

Download Autodesk ATC Application Forms

Download Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (ATC) Application Forms from the link below to initiate the process of becoming an Autodesk ATC.

We will be glad to have you as an Education program partner in the region.

We understand that this is a new application which will take approx 4 weeks as soon as we receive all the documents and payment from your end.

Please download all the forms from below link. Kindly have it duly filled and e-mail the completed Autodesk ATC Application forms to the below stakeholders to take the process ahead. Thank you.

- Middle East and Africa: Email:
- India and SAARC: Email:

We will evaluate the documents and revert to you with the next steps. Also, please share following documents in order to proceed further:

A.       Documents to be submitted with Site Enrolment Form

a.       Company Registration Certificate
b.       Company Audit Report/Bank Statements
c.       Center Photographs

B.      Documents to be submitted with the Instructor Enrolment form

a.      Resume
b.      Training Certificate (Associate and Professional latest 2014 version)
c.      Teaching Experience Certificate (min.6 months experience required)
d.      Industry Experience Certificate

After getting your approval for ATC status you will receive the following benefits:

•        Software for ATC Courses
•        Access to Product Training Events
•        Direct Access to Product Support
•        Recognition as an ATC and ACC – (Authorized Training Centre and Authorized Certification  Center)
•        Business Support
•        Access to Courseware – AOTG (Autodesk Official Training Guides)

Do feel free to contact us in case if you need any clarification / details regarding above.

We look forward to work with you in near future.

Free Download - Autodesk Resources and Logos

Download information on the benefits of Autodesk Certification for Employers and Students (.zip file, 3MB)

Download Autodesk ATC Logos (.zip file, 2MB)

Download Autodesk ACC Logos (.zip file, 2MB)

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Autodesk ATC Locator

Please follow link below to locate Autodesk ATCs in your location.

Autodesk ATC Locator – Middle East, Africa, India and Nepal

My AutoCAD Journey!

“My AutoCAD Journey! “

By Sean Cannon.

Sean Cannon AutoCAD Instructor

Sean Cannon AutoCAD Instructor

Hi, my name is Sean Bradly Canon and  I am Autodesk Certified Professional and Autodesk Facilitator at ProCAD training in Rustenburg, South Africa. What makes me unique from other facilitators is the fact that I am blind. My vision is limited to a mere 5% in my right eye. I was not born with this disability.

My interest in drafting started at a young age when my dad took me to work with him and I saw these big drawing boards on which he was working drawing lines and circles and writing numbers and letters. He was producing plans and drawings and I was fascinated by this. I wanted to do the same when I grew up.

In later years my father told me about the AutoCAD programme they had got and how it worked and this intrigued me even more.

My journey with AutoCAD started on my last day of school when the headmaster announced during assembly that there is a company that is seeking two students who are interested in commencing with a career as a draftsman. My application was successful and I was off to commence my training and was introduced to AutoCAD R14. I was hooked on drafting and AutoCAD from the first day but unfortunately a mere 8 months later, the company closed down.

Shortly thereafter my parents and I immigrated to South Africa from Zimbabwe and it was at this time that I started noting the loss of vision starting to happen, first in my left eye and then in my right eye. I was diagnosed as having a large tumour growing from my pituitary gland. This tumour was putting pressure on my optic nerves causing the loss of vision. I had a major operation in 2007 which was not very successful as the Neurologist was only able to remove a small portion of the tumour and my vision did not improve. Following the operation I had to undergo radiation treatment and medication and was unable to work. This was a shocking and traumatic time for me and the end result was me having the limited vision I have now and me being certified as disabled and blind.

In 2009 my father bought me the AutoCAD 2009 package and I accepted the challenge to teach myself all over again as my passion for drafting did not die. I slowly but surely started to find my way around the programme again.

In 2010 I received a job offer from a company looking for a disabled person. The work was not in drafting but telesales. I continued working on Autodesk at home and it remained my passion. I decided to go for formal training and in November 2011 I contacted ProCAD training to obtain a quote for the full time drafting course starting the following February. I spoke to the owner Mrs. Stephanie Jones and she was extremely helpful from the first call.  The cost of the course was above my budget but I was determined to attend the course and Stephanie was willing to assist me with a payment plan that made it possible for me to afford the training. Full of excitement I enrolled and couldn’t wait to get going.

I started the training course in February 2012 and loved every minute of it. All the ProCAD staff where extremely professional and my facilitator Brendon Beets and Stephanie went out of their way to help not just me but the entire class. My proudest moment was in November 2012 when I wrote and passed my Autodesk Certified Associate Examination with a pass mark in excess of 90%. This achievement fuelled my fire to not only use AutoCAD but to become part of the entire Autodesk experience. Following the course I returned to work again not working in the drafting field although I kept on working on AutoCAD in my spare time.

My desire to be part of the Autodesk experience grew by the day and one day in September 2013 I decided to call Stephanie at ProCAD again and ask her about the requirements to become an Autodesk facilitator. To my surprise she was excited about me enquiring and stated that she had a vacancy for a facilitator and would love me to join the ProCAD team. I started working at ProCAD immediately and learnt from the experienced facilitators on how to present class and how to handle students of various levels of experience. I completed my Certified Professional Certificate and under partial supervision from the senior facilitator Brendon Beets I facilitated my first class.

Today I still work proudly at ProCAD Training, teaching people my skills. I enjoy being able to teach people from all walks of life, from novices to professional draftsmen and engineers, old and young, male and female.

I love working with people, teaching them the software and programmes that changed my life and keeps me as a person fulfilled and happy.


I have known Sean since he first enrolled as a student and was impressed by his passion and energy from the start. Stephanie had high praise for his tenacity and the amount of energy and effort that he put into his training. Sean was always the last one out of class, the first one in the next day and seemed to spend hours at nights to ensure that he didn’t fall behind in class. He refused to let his disability get the better of his desire to be a draftsman.

Having Sean as a senior facilitator today is a blessing to the company. One always knows that no matter what the situation, he will handle it. Sean is respected by all who he has trained and even the most stubborn old Engineers that he has sat with only have praise for him after the course. Often when we have students who are battling or cannot keep up with the pace of the class, Sean will take them one-on-one and his patience with these learners is exemplary.

Sean’s passion for all the Autodesk products always ensures return students for us as he can persuade a learner who just wants to do AutoCAD Fundamentals to move on to Revit or Inventor just by them seeing and feeling his passion about the programmes once he starts talking about them.

Thank you Sean for being part of our ProCAD team.

Curt Jones

Managing Director

ProCAD Training – Autodesk Authorized Training Center 


Autodesk ATC Event Gallary

Certificate of achievement awarded to Layal Mashal for Best Project Autodesk-Acadamic-partner-Cad-Masters-event Autodesk-Training-center-Events-and-activities CAD-BIM-and-Graphic-Services-books-on-display CAD-Master-Autodesk-Certification-Center-Dart-Event-and-Games CAD-Masters-Autodesk-ATC-AAP-ACC-Egypt-Event CAD-Masters-Autodesk-Authorosed-Training-and-Certification-center-event CAD-Masters-Offered-discounts-on-various-Autodesk-courses


While preparing for the exam, I started reading more about Revit 2015 and concentrated on the main topics which the exam is about. Since the exam was a practical one, passing it with high results confirmed my high skill level, which was a result of intense training and practicing Revit regularly at my workplace.

— Noor Tayyan

Autodesk Revit certificate provides a reliable validation of my Revit knowledge skills. It is important for my professional development. Also, maintaining such certificate helps me to stay competitive.

Mai Abushanab

Taking the exam was an opportunity to assess my knowledge and skills of the Autodesk Revit software, passing and getting certified gave me a confidence boost to keep learning and developing my skills in using this tool. Moreover it is beneficial to have an Official certification from Autodesk to emphasize the knowledge and skills that I have gained from using the Autodesk Revit software.

Lara Abumanneh

Getting certified gave me the confidence of what I have achieved till now in Revit learning curve and made me more anxious to learn more and develop my skills in Revit. Also it is a good opportunity to gain an industry-recognized credential that helps prove my skill level and knowledge.

Hana Khairi

Preparing for Autodesk Revit certification did help improve my performance by strengthening my existing skills and developing new skills through my study of the exam objectives, therefore it added value to my career and to my company by focusing on the skills and assignments that are important to my projects and daily tasks. Also having this certification helped me gain confidence using the software, in addition to my company’s and colleagues recognition, as well as industry recognition.

Firas Rhaibeh