Language Transcription Services

Transcriptions are nothing but the verbal info converted into a comprehensible and simple written form. With an ever growing economy, transcriptions are in demand worldwide. FLS now offers the services of best possible transcriptionists with highly economical rates for video and audio formats.

At Foreign Language Services, a division of Vinsys, we assure material is professionally, confidentially & promptly, translated in the language and format of your choice.

We handle multiple focuses, whether you are in need of transcription services for business, medical, financial, legal, education or market research.


  • Promptness
  • Flexibility
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Fast turn around for deadlines
  • Domain specific expertise
  • Best value
  • Highly qualified and experienced SME’s

Please e-mail enquiry {at} vinsys {dot} in or Fill in the form on the right hand side for more information on our Language Transcription Services.