About The Course: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills Training

  • In today’s lean, flat organizations, it is everyone’s job to effectively solve problems.
  • And while thinking skills may seem natural, they’re not necessarily intuitive, and they don’t come easily to many people.
  • This workshop will introduce participants to fundamental thinking processes so that they can successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of business problems.

Target Audience:

  • Any individual who wants to be better equipped to face and solve today’s complex business problems by using a foundational process for reasoning and problem solving.

Duration: 16 Hours @ 8 Hours / Day

Learning Outcomes:

  • Organize information surrounding the problem with which it is associated
  • State the various methods useful in decision making
  • Analyze the components for selecting a solution
  • Assess the risks and benefits involved in the chosen alternative

Course outline:

  • Problem Solving Vs. Decision Making
  • Assessment of a problem
  • Problem Solving Tools
  • Finding the root cause
  • Kipling Method –  5W1H
  • CATWOE Technique
  • Drill down technique
  • Ishikawa Bone Diagram
  • Creativity Blocks And Blockbusters
  • Decision-Making & You
  • Create an Action Plan to Follow at Work
  • Decision-making an everyday inevitable process
  • Decision makers toolbox
  • Grid Analysis
  • Force field analysis
  • Pareto analysis

Create an Action Plan to Follow at Work

Expert trainer, real-life scenarios, interactive sessions, customized content development to suit your custom requirement, handbook for ready reference.

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